Friday, October 3, 2014

Week in Review

Didn't it turn out adorable? (Check the end of my post yesterday if you have no idea what I'm talking about.)
Dylan was SO excited about his well check on Monday. (I'm excited that he is heathy! Thank you Jesus!)
Rylan got so bored waiting for the doctor that he did this:
Does it count as "climbing the walls".
Ry wanted to go play with the trains at the "lie-berry" and I had some books that were due so off we went! Man was it CROWDED there! This pic was after most people had finally left. (He's in the gray shirt.)
I stopped by to see Payton at lunch and within 4 hours the curls had relaxed a lot.
I thought it looked really pretty.
Little man asked me to "nuggle you?" at his nap time and we both fell asleep. It was a marvelous 10 minute nap for me and he was out for a couple of hours. {lucky duck!}
Holy moley . . . This kid is growing up! He's emailing his teacher a question. How did he get so big?
Rylan's "I'm mad!" pose at football one night.
We went to the park and played.
I love this little boy. He has no fear.
My mom is totally cracking up at these pictures. I used to lay the silverware from the dishwasher all in a row on the floor when I was tiny. I guess Ry is following in my steps.
He had Del Taco sauce packets lined up all over the kitchen counters.
It was chilly this morning so Ry got to wear a sweatsuit to walk the kids to the bus stop. We stopped to snap a pic and send a "hi daddy" video to Chris at work.
How was your week?

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