Friday, October 24, 2014

Week in Review {Trunk or Treat}

Know what's missing on Pinterest? A rating system or comment section for recipes. Sometimes a recipe will be a-maz-ing, sometimes it's yucky, and sometimes it's so-so. This was a so-so recipe.
It was titled French Onion Soup Casserole. I LOVE French Onion Soup and when it said "casserole"
I just assumed that it would be more hearty. But all it was was soup in a pan. As a soup it was good, but since I was expecting more, I was disappointed.
The kids celebrated their 50th day of school on Tuesday.
Rylan and I took daddy to lunch while we were up in Franklin running errands.
This guy emptied all the silverware for me and got it 99% right! Guess who is being added to our chore chart?!?!
Payton had another dentist appointment and her and Ry RAN into the office to play on the VW Bus in the waiting room.
I met a neighbor at the park and was shocked to find that the sandbox had tons of trucks/cars there for anyone to use. No one steals them. Isn't that wonderful!?!?!
Ry had a great time playing there.
Lining up drinks on coasters.
Every Thursday we hear the trash truck coming and run outside to watch and wave hello.
When returning from walking the kids to the bus stop, I realized that Payton had left the garage door open, which had let a bird into the house.
Ry thought it was hilarious and laughed at me trying to get it out of the house.
Rylan has really been into with his pretend food lately. I was surprised that he knew the names of most of them. He calls the strawberry "fruit", the banana "ban-a", and the twisted breadstick "happy birthday" (he thinks it's a candle).
We went to Dylan's football practice . . . 
Saw this beautiful sunset . . . 
And freezed our buns off. The temp said it was 59°, but I'm calling shenanigans. It felt like 40°. Next week I'm wearing a parka.
At nap time Ry said, "Mama, I want boo bear and Winnie the Poop." I may have let out a giggle-snort.
While I thought he was napping, I made these oh so tasty muffins.
But he was so excited that Papa & Sasha were coming up for the weekend he didn't fall asleep. So instead we went outside to wait for D & P to get off the bus.
When daddy got home it was time to get into their costumes. We have Jake from Jake & the Neverland Pirates.
Merida from Brave.
And Falcon from Captain America Winter Soldier.
And headed to Truck or Treat at their school.
Here Dyl & Ry are at their principal's trunk playing table football to get candy. And P was tossing a (plastic) tarantula into a cauldron to get candy.
The coolest thing was that Walgreen's was there taking pics and printing them out right there for us to take home. 
How cool is that?!?!

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