Sunday, October 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up {PumpkinFest & Football}

We went to PumpkinFest.
In Downtown Franklin.
Saw the "Canjo" Guy. (He makes banjos out of cans.)
Witnessed some adorable brotherly love.
Ran into some friends from football.
Posed with Frankenstein.
Got greetings from the Peppermint Fairy.
Went in a bounce house.
And then another one (over and over again).
Then went to football (Dylan was captain this game!).
Ry colored.
His teddy bear.
We won the game and made it into playoffs!
Saw an amazing sky.
Looked at some BEAUTIFUL land.
Played on some hay.
Ended up BACK at the doctors for a UTI (poor girl).
And doodled while we waited.
Top left: "Rpunzl" 
Bottom left: "Elfint"
Bottom right: "Free Birds Goblllllllllll" (a turkey with a million legs)
Then later played an impromptu game of family dodge ball. There was 5 of us, 15 balls and TONS of laughing. Oh and Chris may or may not have ended up flat on his face because of a miss step. To which I may or may not have had to run to the potty to avoid peeing my pants from laughter... It was AWESOME. (Ry took this pic mid game).
What a fun weekend we had! I love these great fall weekends.

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