Thursday, October 9, 2014

Week in Review {Chris' Birthday!}

Payton got dressed Monday morning and I WISH her whole outfit came in my size. I love this crazy girl.
Big man was sporting his new do. He LOVES not having to brush his hair in the morning.
Finding surprise notes in my notebook make my day.
I made Pumpkin Crumb Cake for my Mom2Mom group Tuesday morning.
I got this ginormous pumpkin for $1.99 at Aldi's!
While Dylan and Payton were at practice and Rylan was home with Chris, I got to go on a LONG walk ALL BY MYSELF! It was weird not pushing a stroller, I didn't know what to do with my hands. LOL!
Wednesday morning, Chris' birthday, Payton woke up with this. Yes, we are talking the THIRD time. Ugh!
She stayed home with me and we got ready to celebrate Chris.
These kids LOVE their daddy.
Dylan drew a dragon for Chris. 
It says "So here's his girl who kind of stole my heart, she calls me Dad." 
"No-Sugar added" ice cream for the (diabetic) birthday boy!
Happy birthday Chris!!! 43 years and you keep getting better with age. I could not imagine doing life with anyone else. Your my best friend and I love you. Oh and we make some pretty cute kids!
For nighttime snuggles I got some cute feet in my face.
Thursday the kids had their fall parties at school. Payton's class had a Mexican Fiesta.
A brave dad HELD the piƱata for the kids to whack.

I love this little one.
Payton and one of her best buddies,
All the partying was too much for Ry Guy.
Dylan's grade not only had a fall party but also a field trip to a battlefield the same day. He was SO excited about it.
His teacher said he was cute scribbling notes the whole time. He of course denies it saying it wasn't the WHOLE time.

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