Friday, October 10, 2014

Loveless Cafe

Papa & Yaya came up for the long (Fall Break) weekend and Friday we headed to Loveless Cafe (their and Chris' first time!).
We thought we could beat the crowd by going on a weekday and boy we were wrong.
It was an hour and 45 minute wait!
So we took pictures while we waited.
Lots of pictures. This is her "fashion-easter" (fashionista) poses.
Daddy got some sweet kisses.
And then it was time for these . . .
Yum. COMPLETELY worth the wait. 
This boy. He is growing up so fast.
There are moments that I just want to freeze time. Like this one:

Notice his arm around my neck? I love him!
We also drove Papa & Yaya thru The Gulch and 12 South. Unfortunately it was raining so we didn't get to get out and walk around. Hopefully
Next time!

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