Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Catch-Up

It's Friday, so it's time to catch-up on our (short) week! I LOVE that Chris and the kids had Monday off. 4 more days and it's weekend again!
This kid cracks me up. He spent a good 30 minutes lining these water bottles up while I was getting ready for Mom2Mom.
Tuesday was HUGE produce day. I picked a huge heirloom tomato from my plant. I bought a huge pumpkin at Aldi's (for $1.69!) and that huge carrot was in my bag of carrots from Aldi's too!
Wednesday the kids had picture day at school.
And little man was sick. As in 103° fever. We did a lot of this Wednesday. {As you can tell, I didn't mind.}
When daddy got home Ry snuggled up with him,
And fell asleep.
The next morning he slept in until 9:45am!
I never thought I would see gas prices so low. Crazy!
Have you heard of Pinch Me? They send you samples of things to try out and then you give them feedback. I got my first package, a blueberry scented Mr. Sketch marker. It smells SO good.
My sister Jeannine {hi J!} raved about this recipe - Lasagna Soup with Bow ties, so I made it. Yum!
There's a new social media out,  TSū {pronounced Sue}. Supposedly you can earn some money based on what you post, but you have to be invited by someone who's already on it. I'm bored with all the stuff on Facebook (video shares, links, Candy Crush invites - can I get an Amen?) so I'm hoping this is a good thing. You can check it out through my link: http://tsū.co/Lewisrebecca    
The Pig N Pit showed up at Football/Cheer practice on Thursday night. I love the tag, "Smokin By His Grace" and it smelled SO good.
Today the kids had a Fun Run {jog-a-thon} at their school.
Rylan was a bit bored by it all.
We stumbled upon the Indy Homecoming parade and stopped to watch it. Oh, high schoolers are such goobers! I remember being a goober all too well, and realized that all too soon Dylan will be in that stage. {I can't wait!}
Speaking of Dylan, he made this awesome "Melting Clock" in art class.
See how it "melts" over the ledge?
We had this yummy dinner tonight. Recipe coming soon!

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