Monday, October 20, 2014

15 Things to Do with a Sick Kid

We've had our share of {minor, thank you Lord} sickness around here. But man, I am tired of it . . . literally.

At first, I was letting the kids watch movies for most of the day. Then I remembered that growing up, if we stayed home sick from school, my mom had us listen to the Bible on tape . . . Because if we were willing to listen, then we truly must have not been feeling well. Ha!
I kept Payton home today {she had a slight fever} and I wanted to compile a list of activities/ideas to reference next time one of my kiddos gets sick.
1. Watch {a little bit} of tv.
2. Color, draw or paint.
3. Blow bubbles/sidewalk chalk outside.
4. Play in a bubble bath.
5. Make beaded jewelry.
6. Read outloud to them.
7. Have them read outloud to you.
8. Listen to audio books or Bible {hey, it IS a great idea!}
9. Play-doh, clay, kinetic sand.
10. Write/draw letters to mail to family/friends.
11. Play a board game with them.
12. Have them play solitaire or memory by themselves.
13. Teach them a new craft (I taught Payton how to make a friendship bracelet and she worked a LONG time on it).
14. Make cereal necklaces - string Cheerios (or similar) onto a string.
15. Put together a puzzle.

Oh and there are a couple of rules:
Rule #1 - They/you should stay in your jammies ALL day long.
Rule #2 - You should sit down for a few minutes and snuggle with or talk to them.
Rule #3 - They should have a quiet time, lying in bed, with their eyes closed. They ALWAYS end up falling asleep which is the best thing for being sick!
Rule #4 - Pray outloud, asking God to make them well. It shows them (your child); your dependence on Him; that sometimes we have to wait for Him to answer (patience); that we can talk to Him anytime about anything; and when they DO get better - that He answers prayers!
Now I'm off to pray that we stay healthy!

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