Saturday, November 19, 2016

Week #46 {2016}

Sunday while the boys went to our church, I went and met up with my mom, sister, and Payton at my mom's church.  I met some amazing, wonderful people who love my mom so much.  It was so good and encouraging to see.  We took a selfie during worship.
That afternoon we went shooting.
That night we had our first fire of the season.
Monday we went down to The Square {Downtown Columbia} and stopped by my dad's coffee shop. Man do I miss him.
Then we headed out to Amish Town.
We had my mom and sister over for dinner and we tried out the Roll Butter my mom bought in Amish Town.
Then we said bye to Auntie D.  She flies home super early tomorrow morning.
Tuesday morning, we had a beautiful sunrise.
Even though we planted our yellow raspberry bush just this year, we've already enjoyed a few berries every couple of days... and they are SUPER sweet {and yes, they aren't yellow!}.
Ry prayed the sweetest prayer at dinner time.  I had to write it down:
"Thank you Jesus that Papa Nutt passed away.  Thank you that he wanted to be with Jesus.  Thank you that he told everyone about Jesus. Amen."
We were hanging out watching tv and I looked over and saw Ry fast asleep.
Wednesday is my busy night.  All 3 kids have activities and I am driving them back and forth for a few hours.  At one point, I saw Ry had {all by himself} got the towels out of the dryer and folded them all.
Did I mention - no one asked him to do this? He's such a sweet boy!
Thursday Chris had to work late, so Gigi came over and I made Chicken Pot Pie for dinner.
Then they baked some cookies.
Dylan taught Rylan how to play the violin.  It was so sweet.
Friday I had to run some errands and sported my new, fun tank top!
I got to end the night snuggle buggling this sweet boy.
Saturday morning Gigi stopped by for  a few.
And later we were getting ready to go out.  Rylan came in and said Payton had scissors on her jeans and we didn't know what he was talking about, until we saw this....
She had cut holes in her brand new jeans! Ugh!

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