Saturday, November 26, 2016

Week #47 {2016}

Monday kicked off our week of no school.  Yippee!  The kids and I went and hung out with my mom. Chris {who had to work} messaged me to see what we were doing, and we sent him this gem.  We were shopping of course!
Tuesday God painted a beautiful sunrise for us.  I can't imagine the stunning sunrises my dad's getting to enjoy in heaven.
I made Chicken Pesto Pasta for dinner.  It's so easy and so tasty!
Wednesday morning, this verse was part of my quiet time.... it was such a great reminder for me.
Then we went and hung out with the Stellacks.
Thursday was Thanksgiving Day.
Friday the kids and I went down to my mom's.  The kids picked up all the branches and twigs.
Rylan was being the "foreman" bossing around Dylan and Payton.
The boys thought it was awesome dragging this huge branch behind the truck.
After "work" Ry stretched out and relaxed.
It must have been hard work, because he crashed on the way home, holding some of his hard earned money.  
Saturday we went Christmas Tree shopping.
I'm so thankful for Chris.  He always wants to make Christmas special for our family.
We got it home and I did not feel like decorating it, so I layed down and took a nap instead.

When I woke, I thought that making some Almond Rocca would put me in the Christmas spirit... 
And it worked!  Ry helped decorate the tree and he was so proud of himself.
In our box of Christmas stuff, I found my new favorite decoration:
I miss that sweet smile of my dad's.

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