Monday, November 7, 2016


Today was the day of my dad's memorial service. Thor {my bro-in-law} took this hilarious photo first thing in the morning.  We are ALL on our phones.  We had so many calls, text, Facebook posts, messages to read.  It was comforting to have that outpouring of love.
While we were sitting there, Davese asked if we had enough food to eat before we went to the memorial.  We had a BUNCH of food brought over the past few days, but we also had a BUNCH of people over so it was definitely getting eaten.  We all said that we would make do with what was there...About an hour later, the doorbell rang and Bene, Davese's housecleaner of 12 years, was there...
She brought us a TON of food.  This was the huge pan of Chilaquiles. Ohmigoodness.  This is one of my FAVORITE things!
Isn't is amazing how God provided?  We didn't even pray and ask for food.  But he knew our need and provided for us...again!
My sister had to stop by a job site for Miles {Miles my bro-in-law owns a roofing company that my dad used to do sales for.} We went and got to see Oscar, the job foreman, who loved my dad.
Back at the house, JP showed up.  JP is my parents pastor in Tennessee!  They have known him less than 6 months, but they had such a connection, he flew out to be at the memorial.  This meant SO much to us...and it meant so much to other family/friends to know that my mom has a wonderful church and friends to help support her in Tennessee.
{to be continued...}

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