Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Neuro ICU {November 2, 2016}

In the morning, we picked up my sister, Jeannine who flew in from Colorado and we went to the hospital.  My dad was in the Neuro ICU at LAC+USC Medical Center.  The entire way I was very optimistic that he was going to be okay... until we walked into the room.  We knew very quickly that he was not going to make it.  He had a very large Subdural Hematoma, and although they were able to remove it, he had already suffered brain stem damage.
All day long, we were surrounded my friends and family who came to see, hug and pray with us.  They all got to say goodbye to my dad.
  I called home and each of my kids got to say "goodbye" to PapaNutt while I held up the phone to his ear. I wish I had taped that.  It was so sad/sweet.
Sometime around 4 pm, they removed all life support.
That night, my mom and I decided to stay the night in the ICU with my dad.

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