Sunday, November 6, 2016


We stayed home from church and spent the morning, sitting on couch, drinking coffee/tea in our jammies.
My Uncle and Aunt came back over and we found out it was Uncle Herb's birthday yesterday...and he didn't say anything while he was with us the whole day!  We quickly grabbed a muffin and lit a match and sang him happy birthday.  He was a good sport about it!
I went and picked up Chris and Dylan from the airport {Payton and Rylan stayed home with Papa & Yaya}.  Dylan quickly found Cody's Virtual Reality Goggles and selfie stick, so now I have a hundred pictures like this:
Then he and Penelope {his cousin who is 3 months older than him} had fun burning things in the fire pit.
Dylan was super excited to show me his surprise. He got a tie to wear for the Memorial service tomorrow.  I think he looked so handsome.
Someone thought to get a picture of the 4 of us...and I am so glad they did.
Jason & Jessica flew in from Colorado and we got to spend some time with them.
I went to high school with Jason. Jessica, his wife, had lived with us for a while when they were dating, and until the day they got married.  It meant a lot to us that they flew out to be here.
Uncle Pete & Aunt Gayle drove in from Utah.  Uncle Dennis & Aunt Barbara and Aunti Riti all were over for the evening.
Me and Penel.
We had lots of crying and lots of laughing too.
I am SO grateful to have so many family and friends around!

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