Sunday, November 13, 2016


Before my mom and dad left for their trip to California, my dad had made a promise to Dylan that he would take him shooting when he got back.  They have some friends at their church who have property they can shoot on.
That sweet family, the Schmidt's, kept good on that promise for my dad and they had us down to go shooting. Their place was amazing.
We drove out to the back of their property,
And Mr. Carl showed Dylan how to use the gun he got for his birthday.
Us girls chatted.
It was such a bittersweet time. My dad would have LOVED to have been there...and it was so sweet that this family loved on us in this way.
Dylan had a blast {see what I did there?}.
Chris is a pretty good shot!
P-Girl got a turn.
And loved it.
Even Ry guy got a try.
I think he is hooked!
Post running high-five to daddy.
Dylan really got into it.
Then boys went and explored the creek on their property.
What an amazing day.  Thank you Schmidt family!

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