Saturday, September 3, 2016

Week #35 {2016}

Sunday after church we went down to my parents for a Linner {lunch/dinner}.  Payton loves to play dress up there.
I love that my parents love their home.  They just fit here.  This life is so them.  They love sitting out on their front porch or back deck and just enjoy nature {especially the rain/thunderstorms!}.
Chris also started a new project.
He tried to explain what the entryway table would look like, and I couldn't envision it, until I saw this.
I absolutely LOVE it.
I think the detail of the legs are amazing {which was the part that I wasn't able to see/understand}.
We ended the night with a beautiful rainbow. 
 Monday all 3 kids had dentist appointments.  Ry looks so very tiny in the x-ray chair.
We put together a Woody and Buzz Lightyear puzzle and he ran to get his Buzz Lightyear wings. 
 Tuesday morning we were late for the bus and had to make a run for it.
Little man went to the market with me and I said "yes" to the fun {at least for him} cart.  He loved it {and I actually didn't crash into anything!}. 
 Walking to pick up Dyl from the bus was a little difficult with this monkey on my leg.
 But he is cute so it is all worth it.
It's weird being in school with the weather still being so the kids played in the sprinklers this evening.
Dylan got to open his first birthday present a couple of days early. It's funny, because we aren't necessarily "gun" people...but then we moved to the South.  It's kinda just what you do here. 
He loved it and can't wait until we go shooting.
 Wednesday Batman accompanied me to the bus stop.
 And then we had our Wednesday night craziness of everyone's practices.  Ry guy loves that his Daddy does taekwondo now too.
During Chris' class, Dylan got called out to help Chris with his forms.  It was such a cool moment. 
Little guy is ALL into it too. 
Thursday was Dylan's 12th birthday
 Friday Papa & Yaya got here.  They moved back to the South!
 We all went out to dinner {at the Mellow Mushroom - yum!}, and this guy won me a rubber duckie at the arcade {smile}.
 Saturday morning, Chris had a meeting right across the street from my parents house early in the morning.  So Payton and I went down with him to see my parents while he worked.  As we left the house a hot air balloon was practically landing on this house right outside our subdivision.  This picture doesn't show how low and close it actually was.
 A little later, all my neighbors were texting that 2 actually landed IN our neighborhood.  They were all outside watching them tear them down {which I guess was super quick!}
Payton and I enjoyed a little tea party that my mom had ready for us.
 Payton got to pick out which tea cup she wanted to use and she chose this tiny one that has butterfly wings for the handle.
We weren't there very long, but it was a fun time. 
Later in the day we went to get the car washed and Ry LOVES to go drive through it. Can you tell he was excited?
Me and my baby boy!

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