Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tiny Renovation Part I

Chris had a brilliant idea.  
This is our teeny linen closet.  {I am standing right inside our Master Bedroom doorway to take this picture}
On the other side of that wall is our laundry room.
He suggested that we break through that wall and make it a walk through.  It would help (a) make the laundry room bigger (b) easy access from the Master Bedroom and (c - my favorite) be able to get to Rylan and Payton's room quicker in case of an emergency.
Since Papa {Chris' dad} is here he started on the project.  He had a little volunteer who after getting instructions,
smashed through the wall with a hammer.
The big kids were there on the other side to help pull out the drywall pieces.
Ry was SO excited to be able to help!
I will keep you updated on the prgress!

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