Saturday, September 10, 2016

Week #36 {2016}

Sunday was my parents 51st Anniversary and I left a little surprise on their car for when they came out of church.
 We spent the afternoon doing some backroads driving.
 Country driving always makes me we laid down for a little nap {well, I'm actually the only one who fell asleep}.
That evening, Payton got invited over to a neighbors for a water balloon fight.
 Then at bedtime I looked over to see this sweet moment.
 Monday was Labor day.  We all went for a walk/ride.
Dylan found a deceased cicada...those things are HUGE!
 Little guy rode and ran the whole time. He's a little stud.
 Hanging out with my girl afterwards.
Our neighbors invited the kids over to slip and slide,
 and they had a pool up too.
 I made Coconut Cream Poke Cake for dessert and it was a hit.
Tuesday Ry and I went out running errands with my mom.  We stopped at Bar-B Cutie for lunch.  Yum!
Then we got ice cream.
Video game playing time with Papa.
Dylan has been getting better and better on the violin.
There was a beautiful sky when it was time to pick up Payton from the bus.
Yaya gave her a pair of old frames and I think she looks so cute!
"Homeschool" time with Ry guy.
I love the crazy ways he sleeps.
Yaya took this adorable picture of my sweet girl.
Ry was throwing a fit and I was trying hard not to laugh.
He cheered up we we stopped at Marcy Jo's! BEST cinnamon rolls ever!
We went for a walk/jog.
Check out what a stud my hubby is!
Saturday Chris had an awesome helper to put a small pad and fence up for our trash cans.

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