Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week # 38 {2016}

Sunday - We've had a bunch of huge caterpillars around lately...and I don't ever remember seeing one  like the one on the right.  It was bizarre.
I love when Rylan willingly grabs my hand, to tells me he loves me.  I want to remember these moments forever.
Monday - Ry like to play board games, so we get creative on what the "rules" are.  Today was Upwards and he was spelling out his name and words I was writing down on paper for him.  {Notice he puts the letters right to left?}
Then he was SUPER stoked to get his black stripe at TKD.  That means he can now test for his next belt.
After class the kids and I took dinner down to Chris, Craig & Sasha who were unloading their moving truck to a storage unit.
This ninja was being a big help protecting us. {wink}
On the way home, the littles were rocking out.  Did anyone grow up listening to Psalty like I did?
Little man crashed out when we got home.
Tuesday's toddler busy work is brought to you by Costco.  I would love to take credit for this idea, but Ry did it all on his own.
For dinner I made Shepherd's Pie.  Actually Cottage Pie...  Did you know if it is made with lamb it is called Shepard's Pie and if it is made with beef you call it Cottage Pie?
And Ry and I made Lime Bars for dessert.  Yum!
Wednesday we headed to the park.  They have this awesome sandbox that always has a ton of Tonka trucks in it...and they never get stolen.  I love living in a small town!
A few months back they updated the play equipment and Ry was excited to check it out.
I finished another book.  P.S. It was good!
Dylan wanted me to make a "breakfast type dessert" for him to take to Souled Out {a Christian club at his school} so I made Cowboy Cookies since there are Corn Flakes in them.
Friday this cute girl...
got to take this cute guy to school with her for Donuts with Dad.
Once he got home we hit up Marcy Jo's Mealhouse.  It has become our favorite breakfast place.  The cinnamon rolls are a-maz-ing.
Saturday Chris finished the coffee table he has been working on.  He did an amazing job.  I love it!

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