Thursday, September 1, 2016

TWELVE {Birthday Boy}

My big guy turned 12 today.
The kids played hooky from school and I made them Swedish Pancakes
 Payton gave Dylan a doggie that she made/drew. And because of that I got 2 of my favorite pictures.
 Dyl wanted to open a present.
He had picked out this Triforce shirt for Chris because he loved it a couple of months ago.  So I got a matching one for him!
 We love this guy!
And by the way, this is totally normal. 
We headed up to Veloce in Nashville to race go-karts.
Payton got the whole track to herself on the junior cars.
She went slower than molasses {but that was okay with me} and she had a BLAST!
Then it was the boys turn.
Little guy sat out with me because he was too small.....and he was not happy about it at all.
He LOVED it!
Dyl requested Burger Shack for lunch.
It was awesome as usual!
Then we headed home.
I had gotten him a Bug-a-Salt riffle and he was testing it out {it really works!}.
Papa Nutt & Gigi came over for cake.
He wanted his usual Cherry Cake.
His brother,
and sister were so giddy about the cake.
Then he opened more presents.
After his shower he opened a few more presents.
My sister {and her family} sent him a whole case of ramen noodles. It was awesome!
Happy Birthday Dylan!
I hope we made some wonderful memories for you today. You are so very loved.

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