Thursday, November 3, 2016

Neuro ICU Day 2 {November 3, 2016}

My mom and I didn't sleep much, at the Neuro ICU.  We got in 10 minutes here and there.
Some close friends of my parents actually slept in the waiting room, coming in every couple of hours to pray over my dad.  Another friend of theirs came in the middle of the night as well.  At one point, I was able to crawl up on his bed and snuggle up on him just like I used to last time.
By morning, more and more people came to see him/us, it was amazing to have so much support.  My best friend from 2nd grade showed up to the hospital.  She lost her sweet momma 3 years ago and she came just to hug on us.
We all snuck in very short naps here and there between people coming in and out.
They moved my dad into another room {aka a more comfortable room for us!}, and a bunch of more people came to see him/us.  We laughed at some hilarious stories of my dad, we cried, we sobbed when we realized this was really happening, we sang worship songs, and we prayed.
We were exhausted...emotionally and physically. We were encouraged by a family friend {who happens to be a Neuro ICU nurse!} to go home and get some sleep {because my dad could stay in this state for days}.  It was so hard to leave that night, I did not want him to pass while he was all alone, but we said goodbye and headed to my sisters house.  10 minutes after we fell asleep we got the call that he had passed away at 11:24pm and that 2 people where there praying over him when he took his last breath.

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