Saturday, November 12, 2016

Week #45 {2016}

Read about our Sunday {here}.

Read about our Monday {here}. That evening was my dad's memorial service.

Tuesday we flew home. And yes, that's smog.  Yuck!
We just happened to be on the same flight as our friend Jeanine {or J9 as we call her}, so on our layover in Dallas, we hung out for awhile.
Wednesday was my first day back to normal life.  I had a TON of laundry to do... and while putting clothes away in Rylan's room, we discovered a water leak.  NOT what I wanted to be dealing with at this time. {Like how I Jerry-rigged the hangers to hold the pad up to dry?}
The rest of the day was a blur.  Ry was being distant to me {I did leave him and Payton for 7 days, which I have never done before} which I kinda expected.  But that night I got in our Nuggle Buggles like normal.  Which I loved.
Thursday Ry was by my side all morning long.  I sent this to Chris and said I guess he's not mad at me for being gone anymore!
Since the kids have off of school tomorrow, we ended the night with a family movie.  It was what I needed as well.  I love these little humans.
Friday was Veteran's Day.  While Chris worked, I took the kids to the Downtown Franklin Veteran's Day Parade.
It was such a weird/surreal feeling, being at something fun and exciting, yet being incredibly sad at the same time.
I kept thinking how my dad should be here for this.  He would have loved it.
And by the way, we go to a LOT of the festivals in Downtown Franklin and parking for this event was the worst I have ever seen.  Yay for people supporting out Veterans!
Saturday my sister and mom flew back home.

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