Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring Break {Part 1}

On Sunday the highlight of the kids day was getting to ride the lawnmower.
Dylan, by himself.

And The littles with Papa.

Monday while Chris was at work we played a game of Monopoly outside on the patio.
It was a beautiful day.

Payton was feeling better.

But then when we went to play Just Dance, she started feeling bad again.

For lunch Payton wanted to have a pic-a-nik outside.

Yup!  She's feeling a little bit better.

And yes, we are still in our jammies.
Hey, it's Spring Break!

Ry guy woke up from him nap and joined us.

Late that afternoon I took Payton into the doctors (her fever wasn't coming down with tylenol).
Verdict?  Sinus infection.

Tuesday a princess graced our presence.
She even had a footman with her.

It was another beautiful day.
And my first day wearing shorts this season!
 I gave the kids sidewalk chalk and said "Don't get it on your clothes."
Well, they obeyed that one!
Next time I need to include "or skin".
My sweet baby boy!
 I went to get a root canal this afternoon.  Woot woot.
Actually my friend is my dentist and she is wonderful!
I went to karate tonight and that hurt worse than the root canal!
If your local and need a dentist, call her:
Dr. Laura Ridley
She has 2 offices, one in Marietta and on in Canton.
While I was there, Chris texted me this picture.

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