Thursday, April 25, 2013

Slow Cooker Onion Soup Mix Chicken {recipe}

I was having one of those days.  
You know the kind - it's 1 hour before dinner time and you have no clue what to make?
So I scoured the pantry and fridge to see what I could whip up.
I saw a box of onion soup mix and remembered this pin from Pinterest.
But wait!  I had 1 hour till dinner, and my chicken was still in the deep freeze.
So you know what I did? 
I half-way defrosted the chicken in the microwave.
While that was going, I prepped the ingredients like above and stuck it in a pan, on the stove.
Placed the chicken on top, covered it with a lid and let it go on medium heat for about an hour.
While the chicken was simmering, I cooked some brown rice, and put together a quick green salad.
Tasty.  Easy.  And had all the ingredients on hand.
This will definitely be added to my rotation of meals.

The pin didn't have a link to the original website.  Bummer.  So thank you who ever came up with this yummy goodness!

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