Monday, April 22, 2013

Rylan's 1st Birthday!

The celebrating started yesterday when we had a little family party.
We had some pizza.
Rylan wasn't really sure what to think of everything.

But with some help, he figured it out just fine.

He loved the wrapping paper.

And his new sippy cups.

He got a water table to play with.

Agh!  That kid is SO cute!
I just want to squeeze him!

After presents, it was cake time!
It was his first time having sugar and I think he liked it.

The aftermath.

And the trail he left on the stairs.

He came and got in my lap too.

The it was time for a stroll in the new car he got from Papa and Sasha.

He thought he was such a big boy.

Weird to think that just one short year ago, I was at the hospital, in labor!
Then today.  His actual birthday . . .
Playing in Sistee's room this morning.

Then going to his well check!

20 lbs 10 oz
29.25" long
Waiting to see the doctor.

Dr. Lehan checking him out.
She's a fan-tastic doctor.

While we were out today, he had his first sippy cup of milk.
We got to FaceTime Papa Nutt and Gigi to open more presents.

Did I mention that he didn't have his second nap today?  And he had shots?
He was one tired (and unhappy) baby.

Me and my ONE YEAR OLD!

And then, all my little blessings!
Then he crashed out.

I think he had a great birthday!

I love you Rylan, so much.  I can't believe that you are one.
Your infectious smile and laugh get me every time.
I love when you play with my hair or shove my face to the side to play with my earrings.
I love the way your eyes sparkle when you smile.
You LOVE your brother and sister.
You are such a Daddy's boy and say "Dada" all the time.
Your a Mommy's boy when you are tired or hungry.
You practically run every where.
You love climbing up on Payton's bed and wait for me to come and find you.
Then you throw yourself down on the bed giggling with delight.
My biggest prayer is that you choose to follow the Lord every day of your life.  That you will love him with all your heart.  That you will have a passion for him that is evident to everyone around you.  That you will see people through Jesus' eyes.
I love you baby boy.

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