Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Hump Day

We are trying getting back into the swing of things after Spring Break.
Dylan has CRCT testing this week.  The perk to that is - no homework this week!
He is getting a LOT of outside play time with the neighborhood boys.
Rylan wishes he was a big boy like them.

I try to capture (on camera) as many special moments as I can.
Like this.

Bedtime story with daddy.

I made homemade French Bread this week.  (And forgot to take pictures.)
It was okay.  I followed the directions and the crust got brown way before it was done inside.
So I finagled it until it was mostly done.
It was pretty to look at, but a little dough-y inside.
We still ate it.
My friend makes it all the time and she gave me a few tips.
So I will try it again - and this time take pictures!

Payton's school has Spring Fling this week.
Each day is something special.
Today was 50's Day.  They were having a Sock Hop.
Here's the closest thing to a 50's outfit that I could come up with.

Have I told you that Rylan can now climb up on Payton's bed?
He LOVES getting caught up there.

Yes, we do call Payton - "Sistee".  Dylan came up with it.

Tulips are blooming EVERYWHERE.
They are SO beautiful.
They remind me of my sister, Jeannine.  She used to have fresh tulips in her house all the time.
She would get them each week from the local farmers market.
Aren't they gorgeous?

Rylan also likes to crawl up the stairs all by himself.

Happy Hump Day!  The week is all downhill from here!

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