Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break {Part 2} Stone Mountain

Payton woke up without a fever (and she is on antibiotics) so we decided to go and do something fun today.
We loaded the kids up.
Drove a little ways.

This kid couldn't stay awake.
And went to Stone Mountain.

It reminds me a little bit of Knott's Berry Farm, but without "rides".
We only went to about 1/8th of the park but the kids got to do a lot of active things.
Like this.

Rylan got to push the stroller while Papa steered.

Payton got to go on her first zip line.

That's one happy girl!

And Dylan waited by himself in a pretty long line for almost an hour . . .

to go on this.

All harnessed up!

Rylan looking for Dylan up in the sky.

See him all the way at the top?

There were 2 options.  The lower level and the higher lever.
He chose the higher.

To get perspective of how high up he was, see him?  Now look down and see Chris in the white hat and shirt below.

I was so proud of him!

There was one section that even had a third level.
See Dylan in the middle in the green?

Payton wanted to go on her course again.

Pretty proud of herself!

Rylan got to get into some water.

And had a BLAST.

Here he is, on the way home, half asleep.
Back at home.  All bathed and ready for bed.
We all had an awesome time.

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