Saturday, April 27, 2013

Randoms From This Week

Sunday I hung out in the nursery at church with Rylan.  He was not a happy camper.

This was a post on FaceBook.  I added this saying to my instruction of the kids this week.

Dylan took 45 minutes to wrap a present for Rylan.  It was so cute.

He wanted to try out his tie too.

Waiting for school in the morning.

Dylan had his last day of CRCT testing on Monday.  A sweet (and thoughtful) neighbor made cupcakes for all the kids as they got off the bus to celebrate.  She made one for Payton too.

Gigi sent the kids these mini kites.
They were really cool and lots of fun (and the kids ran ALOT)!

Rylan got into the toy room at karate class.  He looks like a cute little dwarf!

Since he is so mobile, and daring (climbing up on everything) he has a LOT of bangs and bruises.
Poor boy!

Rylan LOVES riding his Beep Beep to get Dylan from the bus.

He also dances ALL the time now:

Even to the beeping of construction trucks!

My handsome big boy!
(I two boys teething at the same time - LOL!)

Wearing green to celebrate Arbor day at school.

And . . . he's at the yelling stage!

Today was my wonderful momma's birthday.
She is an amazing, godly, lady.  I couldn't ask for a better woman to call MOM!
I love you mom!

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