Thursday, April 6, 2017

Belt Testing

We missed Payton and Rylan's belt testing because of moving so we came to the Late Testing today.  Instead of the testing being separated by classes, it was everyone together. All ranks that didn't make it to the first testing {or if they didn't pass the first time - for retesting} were there.
Ry was excited.
We were totally cracking up at this moment.  The students are supposed to line up by rank {black belts first} and Rylan lined up right in the first spot.  We kept whispering to him to move to the back row and he would turn, give us a thumbs up and turn right back around and stand at attention.  Mr. Rodgers let it slide and even had Rylan bow in the whole group {even grown adults!!}.  It was pretty cute.
Payton nailed her forms and her escape skills.  Gigi was there to watch...
and they had a proud older brother rooting them on too!
This is the last photo of them as a Tiger Cub Blue belt and Yellow Belt!
Congrats you guys!

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