Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week #14 {2017}

Sunday morning was chilly and we brought out Bombi's favorite thing...the space heater.  He sits in front of it for hours, just rotating position.
And then we had to tackle our first project...which wasn't on our fix it list.
Fortunately my hubby is extremely handy and whipped up some new closet shelves/rods.
While he did that, the kids and I started on yard work.  I see a LOT of yard work in out future. {wink}
Then Dylan mowed the lawn while Chris power washed the house.
He just mowed the front section of the house and it took him almost a hour.
Bombi worked hard too!
To his defense, it was hot.  So he cooled off in the hose:
We ended our day of yard work eating at Applebee's.
Monday morning my orchid (after 2 years!) finally bloomed.  It is beautiful.
The second the kids get home, they run in, change their clothes, and run out to play.  It's awesome.
Tuesday morning with my sweet girl.
Wednesday morning Dylan time-lapsed {part of} our drive to school.  It is breathtaking.
Somebody sure does love his Bombi.
I had to laugh at this picture.  Bombi is not allowed on the couch, but there he was all snuggled up next to Chris like everything was normal.
Tuesday morning he woke me up waaaayyyyy too early, so I went out to the couch and he came up and laid on me.
That afternoon I went out with friends to celebrate these lovely ladies birthdays.
We ate at Ten27 and it was fantastic.
Then we ended the night with belt testing for these two.
Man, I cannot get over some of the sunsets God creates for us!
While Ry was at Gigi's he made me an adorable gift {it's black eyed peas!}.
Good thing this dog is cute...cause boy is he a handful!
Friday we went to dump our trash.  We found out that we live in the county not the city of Columbia, so we don't have trash service.  We can hire a private company to pick up for us, but we still have to drive the trash down to the end of our we decided to just keep driving 5 more minutes to a place that we can drop it off for free.
This is my hubby's happy place.  Mowing the lawn....
We ended the night with the kids Belt Ceremony.  Congrats Payton & Rylan!
Saturday morning snuggling time.
And we had deer in our yard!
Uncle Herb and Aunt Joanne were in town staying with my momma, so they came over to see our new place.
Sierra {their granddaughter} was with them and the little promptly "kidnapped" her and made her play with them!
Payton had her first sparring class.
And then Dylan's friend, Nico, came over.  All the kids went down to the creek and a little while later, they called me asking to pick them up because they got all wet.  When I got there I asked them what happened and Nico said... "We came to the creek, and mistakes were made."  He is hilarious.
The creek is pretty shallow all the time.
But the kids still like getting into it.
They had such a blast.

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