Sunday, April 9, 2017

BBQ {Cookout}

In Southern California when you say "Let's have a BBQ!" That means that people get together and cook whatever on a grill.  That could be steaks, hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken, carne asada, anything!  Not so much in the South.  Here a BBQ is barbecued meat. What we call a BBQ, we are supposed to call it a "Cookout" or "Grill"... and that is a hard habit to break {just like Carl's Jr./Hardees}.
Anyhoo, we wanted to have some people from my mom's church over as a thank you for rallying around her and our family since my dad's passing.  We decided to grill some carne aside and make street tacos... the way we grew up eating them.  They were a hit.  Everyone loved them!
The Schmidt's brought their baby pit bull puppy {ohmigoodness - so cute!}
The kids played and make a makeshift waterslide.
Some of the guys {and girls too} went to the back of our property to go shooting.
They look good!
My momma is blessed with some sweet/amazing friends.
And Dylan is too!
After everyone had left, I saw Payton and Rylan eating Chris' Pico de Gallo straight.  I was so proud!

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