Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week #17 {2017}

Sunday was freezing {!}, so I put on my daddy's sweater to keep warm.  I'm so thankful for things like this that remind me of him.
Dinner was a yummy Cobb Salad {when I meal planned, this cold front WASN'T in the forecast!}.
Monday Ry was exhausted and fell asleep on the way to TKD.  It's tough work turning 5!
This was our sunset.  It was SO MUCH more beautiful in person.
Tuesday morning was a wee bit foggy.
Ry guy had a sweet snuggle buggler when I got home from school drop off.
That evening, when the kids and I got home from school, Chris had picked up his new "toy"and had already mowed part of the yard.... 
For dinner I made Deluxe BBQ Chicken Pizza.
After dinner, Chris went back out to mow some more. {Think he likes it?}
While he mowed and the kids played, I sat on the swing and watched the sunset.
Wednesday morning, I had some work to do and Rylan sat here for THREE hours putting together his Lego set.
He took a picture of the finished product!
Bombi keeps growing and loves to play!
Thursday was Gigi's birthday, I told her I was going to take her to lunch and surprised her with a bunch of her friends waiting there to celebrate with us! I love you momma!
Ry was super excited to get a package from Auntie D, that had some more of his favorite "pew pew" dressing.
While we were at TKD, Chris called to tell us that he finally saw the snake in the barn!  Dylan and I saw it a couple of days after we moved in, but no one had seen it since.  So we walked down to the barn to check it out.
This was what he had left behind.  {shiver!}
The sunset was amazing yet again.
And the kids stayed up way past the littles bedtime having a blast on the swing.  I LOVE nights like this!
Friday after dropping Dylan off at school, Payton and I went to the park to workout before her school started.  Payton took this photo of the sky.
That night I dropped the little off at Gigi's...
so I could go on a date with this guy.
After a yummy Mediterranean dinner, we headed to Dylan's orchestra concert.
There were a TON of orchestra kids there from the local middle and high schools.  They all had learned the same songs and played all together.  It was pretty cool.
Can you find Dylan {and his buddy Nico} in the picture below?
Saturday morning,
started early with projects.... we will always have projects at this house!
I went to pick up the littles who spent the night at Gigi's,
and then we stopped at the best donut shop in the area!
Payton and Rylan brought me the sweetest "flowers" from the yard.
That night we had the Schmidt's over for dinner.  While we were walking around the yard, I said to Jennifer, "Hey have you seen the bird nest?"  She peeked in and was shocked because one of the eggs was ACTUALLY hatching!  We all got to watch it.  It was amazing.  I hope the kids will remember it forever.

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