Saturday, April 22, 2017

Ry Guy Turns 5!

I'm kinda stunned that this day happened.  I mean, where did my baby boy go?  No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make time stand still and this guy had another birthday.
We started the day with Swedish Pancakes.
And Dylan took over cooking them for me {saying that I always get stuck making them and not eating them}!  He did an awesome job!
My mom, Uncle Dennis {my dad's brother} and Aunt Barbara came over.  Uncle Dennis brought his electric bass to show the kids.
They loved it.
Ry got lots of money for his birthday,
and was giggling as Chris was helping him count it all.
He had a helper to open his presents.
Gigi & Ry:
Saying goodbye.
We are so glad that we got to see them on this trip out here!  Uncle D says and does things that remind me of my dad...and make me feel like a part of him is still here with us.
After they left, we gutted our master bathroom {yay!} and then Chris and Dylan made a dump run.  Then it was time to get ready....  I had a buddy while I was doing my hair/makeup.
We ate Linner {lunch/dinner} at Ry's current favorite restaurant... Red Robin {yum!}.
Then went to the movies!
We got there a little bit early so I took pictures while we waited.
Back at home for cake {he wanted Cherry Cake JUST LIKE DYLAN'S}...
and more presents!
Payton helped him put a TNMT set together.
And then he showered and put on his new TMNT jammies.
It was a pretty awesome day for my Ninja Turtle loving boy.
Happy birthday Ry.  We love you soo much!

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