Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week #16 {2017}

Sunday was Easter.
Monday  Little guy and I went to mow Gigi's lawn.
Her yard is so peaceful!
And Ry was an awesome helper!
Tuesday Bombi and Rylan had a staring contest...Rylan won.
Wednesday Bombi was napping under the dining room table, and I looked down to find Rylan down there too {irritating him - of course!}.
We got to watch the sunset on our way home tonight.  I hope I never take these views for granted.
This dog is a handful at times...and then completely adorable at other times!
Thursday - Chris had hung the amazing chandelier that Miles & Davese gave us {Thanks Unc & Auntie D!}.  I love how it looks in the morning. 
Yes, our drive may be longer...but we have so much beauty to look at.
Especially watching how the sky changes as the sun rises. {Isn't God amazing?}
Back at home I found Bombi under our bed....where he is not supposed to be.
Friday morning, on our way to drop Payton off at school. She's such a silly girl.
Ry asked me to take his picture because it was his last day of being 4...and of course I obliged.
Then I nuggle buggled my 4 year old, one last time. {tear}
He was so excited to go to bed.
Because Saturday he turned 5!

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