Friday, January 13, 2017

Jam Packed Super Awesome Fun Day - Part 1 {McNutt Girls Weekend}

Us McNutt girls sure know how to cram a TON of fun into one day!  We did so many fun things today that I had to split it into 2 blog posts...
First stop, we met up at Marcy Jo's.
It's this little run down house,
full of antiques,
that serve the most amazing cinnamon rolls.
It is such a cute place.
Then we headed down to Ethridge, TN and I stopped to show my sisters/nieces this awesome sign at this old, tiny gas station on the way there.
Ethridge is where our local Amish Town is.
We stopped at the Welcome Center and looked around.

Then we headed out on a horse drawn wagon tour!
Winter is not their busy time of the year, so we had the tour all to ourselves.
I just love going down there.
We learned SO much more on this tour.  It's so interesting.
If feels like time has stood still with the old run down barns and laundry hanging out to dry.
Rylan even got to "steer" the horses
Penelope got a turn too!
When we were all done, the tour guide let them get on the horse.

Once we were done with Amish Town we headed to Downtown Columbia.  Davese had been there before, but the area was new to the rest of them.  Everything about The Square {what the locals call it} reminds me of my dad.  The first stop was his favorite coffee shop, Muletown Coffee.

I got to meet Austin, who works at Muletown, for the first time.  He told us how much he liked our dad and that they miss him there.
We walked over to Puckett's Grocery to eat.
And then went to The Balloon Shop where my dad went to get ice cream all the time.  He became really good friends with the owners, and they had a picture of my dad behind the counter along with the pictures of their family.  They are super sweet there.
Then we went to The Faded Farmhouse.  One of my favorite shops!  Where we all drooled over all the cute things there.
They continued on to Bleu 32 {another adorable shop} while I took Penelope & Rylan back to my house.  Dylan and Payton were finally home from school and Chris was going to take them all to the movies....while the rest of us had a girls night out!  That part is coming up next!

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