Friday, January 6, 2017

Snow Day

This morning we woke up to this!  Bummer that we are still on Christmas Break, so we didn't get a Snow Day from school...but it was still fun all the same.
So pretty {and cold!}.
Dylan promptly made himself a cup of apple cider {we have this or hot cocoa every day that it snows}.
We had 2 kiddos workout with us, which made it go by faster.
Then it was finally time to go outside an play.
A little more snow had fallen.
I snuck outside just to measure...then ran back in for another cup of coffee.
Frozen kiddos trying to defrost.
Then they went back out to sled with the neighbors.
While they were having fun, Chris made a double batch of his chili {yum!}.
And then after showers, I got to Nuggle Buggle with this guy and we watched a movie.
Pretty perfect snow day if you ask me!

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