Saturday, January 28, 2017

Week #4 {2017}

Sunday we had a beautiful sunrise.
Monday Ry and I went down to my mom's.  He took Buddy for a walk in their backyard.
Payton has been really improving in taekwondo.  It is fun to watch her grow quickly.
Then we had one of our favorite dinners...  click {here} for the recipe.
Tomorrow is the 100th day of school for Payton and she had to wear a shirt that had 100 things on it. 
So I went to the Dollar Store, bought some googly eyes and ta-da... {thanks Pinterest!}
Tuesday - Happy 100th Day of school sweet girl!
I've been on a hot tea kick lately...  It makes it easy when my tea cups are so pretty {thanks mom!}.
This didn't photograph great, but dinner was amazing.  Italian Baked Chicken, Mandarin Orange Salad & Garlic Bread.
My sister had introduced me to this amazing tea, but I couldn't find it in a store by me....until now.  Yippee!
See?  Pretty tea cup!
Wednesday morning...this early wake up call is for the birds! 
They repaved the street right outside our house, which Rylan loved watching.
We headed to Toddler Rock at our church.
It took him a long time to warm up to the whole thing.  But it was cute.
We took Ashley, my sweet neighbor/friend to Trader Joe's.  It was her first time there!
And since Chris' office is right by TJ's, we stopped in for a quick hug {and kiss!}.
Another night, another cup of tea.
Thursday we went down to my mom's house.  She was having a kick off "party" to a women's Bible study she is hosting.  Rylan LOVED the sticky buns!
That night I tried a new recipe for a soup and it was SO very good.  Parmesan Sausage & Kale Soup. Oh and I just made it on the stove and not in the slow cooker!
Friday after Dylan got home from school we headed to my mom's to do some work.  But BOTH boys fell asleep...the exact same way.  Ha!
A couple of guys from my mom's church had cut down a ton of branches in her yard for he.  We piled them into the truck, and drove them to the front for the city to pick up.
And since we were driving in her backyard, I let Dylan drive...for the first time ever.  Eek!
Well this is one way to get into the truck!
We met up with Chris and Payton at our favorite restaurant for dinner {Tito's}.  Ry sure loves his dada.
Saturday morning we made waffles and I had a cute helper.
Then we dropped the littles off at grandma's while we went out for awhile.  We ended up trying The Square Market in downtown Columbia for the first time.
Holy Moley....the Tomato Basil & Artichoke soup is amazing.
We stopped at the Balloon Shop for some yummy ice-cream.
And then to Muletown for a Dixie Pecan Latte...
which of course reminds us of Papa Nutt!

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