Saturday, January 21, 2017

Week #3 {2017}

Wednesday life was back to normal.  I had to chuckle at the outfit Payton wanted to wear to school.  She sure has her own style!
Rylan was cleaning his room when all of a sudden I heard a vacuum.  He definitely is daddy's boy!
He is such a good boy.
Then my sweet friend Becky {on the left} sent me this awesome picture that she found.  My dad was such a good sport.
Thursday Chris had a late work meeting.  So I decided to take the kids out to eat.  They chose Hardee's {Carl's Jr.} and it was surprisingly good!
When Chris got home, someone wouldn't leave his side.
Friday we had a window replaced that was leaking.
And little guy finished his homeschool pre-k book!
He also upgraded to a booster seat and thought he was big stuff.
It was a beautiful day outside.  We have had a really warm winter, and we take advantage of it as much as we can!
Chris grilled Baja BBQ Burgers {veggie burger + BBQ sauce + Avocado Slices + Pineapple Ring}, and I made Broccoli & Apple Salad.  Both were a hit...even fore the kids!
Saturday it was Rylan vs. the wall.  The wall won.  Poor kiddo!

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