Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday {McNutt Girls Weekend}

Woke up at my mom's.  Even in the winter, her backyard is beautiful.
We all got ready for church.
And since there were so many of us piled into my mom's bathroom, we had to take a picture!
My sisters.  I love them so very much.
We went to my mom's church.  This is JP, her pastor {remember he flew out for my dad's memorial service?} I have never seen him without a smile.
After church a big group of us all went to lunch at McAlisters.
Most people would think it was pretty amazing that my parents connected with the people in their church in such a short time, but then once you meet the get it.
  They are such genuine people who love the Lord, and because of their love for Him, that love pours out to everyone they meet.  They have totally rallied around my mom.  Not only are they praying for her, but they are a listening ear.  They are picking her up to take her to events, helping out around the house, and just being there. They truly are being the hands and feet of Jesus.

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