Saturday, January 7, 2017

Week #1 {2017}

Sunday Happy New Years!  Last year I followed Scripture Writing Plan, and I am going to continue on with it.  Want to join me?
I found this photo on my phone.  Guess they were trying to show off their work!
Monday we went down to my mom's to celebrate my Uncle Dennis' 80th birthday {coming up in a few days}.  It's so fun hanging out with them.  Dylan loves to hear about his inventions and music with him.
Back home we played Sequence for Kids.
Tuesday Rylan put together his Star Wars puzzle...again... he does this puzzle about 3-4 times every day!
Wednesday morning, I looked down and noticed that my Christmas gifts from Chris match perfectly! {new workout shoes and weights}
Uncle Dennis and Aunt Barbara were heading back home, so we went to say goodbye.  We also had them try an RC Cola and Moon Pie for their first time. It's a Southern thing that you have to at least try once!
That night baby girl started taekwondo classes.
Thursday morning, I ran across this picture that I have tucked away in my Bible.  I sure wish I could hug my dad again. I can't believe he's been gone 2 months already.  I miss him so very much.
Then I looked outside and saw this beautiful sunrise.  His mercies are new every morning...
The kiddos and I met my momma at Olive Garden for lunch.
Then it was taekwondo time again!
Friday was a snow day!
Then Saturday I ended up with the stomach flu.  Ugh!  So I got to introduce Payton to Doris Day.  I just love her movies.  Although I forgot how risqué parts of it were.  I'm hoping those parts went right over Payton's head.  =)
Chris worked on refinishing our buffet, which Rylan promptly took over as his Skylander display.
He loves showing me and telling me about each of his Skylanders.

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