Thursday, January 12, 2017

My Sisters {& nieces} are in Town! {McNutt Girls Weekend}

Fair warning - The next few posts are going to have TONS of photos.
Back at the end of October my sisters planned a trip out here to visit my mom and dad...little did we know at that time, how important it would be for them to come out here and have some time with my mom {and me too!}.  Isn't God amazing in taking care of the little things for us?
Anyway, I knew Jeannine was bringing out my niece, Penelope with her as a surprise to my mom.  Then I found out that morning that my niece Mackenzie was coming out as well {surprise to me!}.  We drove up to the airport...
Got out to say hi...then Penelope walked up to surprise my mom.
So we were expecting 2 people and got 4!
 It was awesome.
Kenzi and me.
Gigi and {2 of her} her granddaughters!
First stop was Hattie B's.  We of course had to wait in line...there's always a line!

But their hot chicken is well worth the wait!
Me and Penelope.
Sierra, my cousin's daughter who attends Belmont University, stopped by to say hello and catch up a little bit.
She's in the nursing program there and is loving it.
Bethany, my sister's friend from California who moved to Fort Campbell, met us there as well with her sweet girl!
Then we headed to Broadway 
and walked around listening to music for a little bit.
The weather was perfect.
We took pictures of us Instagraming Live.
Then went back to my house and my kids got loved on...
big time!
Chris said, "I'm so mad at your dad and Thor and Miles for leaving me here with all these women!"  Ha!
It was fun just hanging out.
And Rylan kept trying to jump into our photos.
He thought he was hilarious... so did we!
We had photo bombs.
And my sister flying over the couch.
And of course we ate some more.
We had a lot of fun and a LOT of laughter!  I'm so glad they are all here.

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