Saturday, October 1, 2016

Week #39 {2016}

Sunday Dylan helped out with installing some drywall in our laundry room renovation.
And Chris, Payton and I added this brick around our tree.
I made some yummy Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins for the kids lunches this week.
Monday Payton put together this outfit and {again} I wish I had her wardrobe!
You know it was a good workout when...
Tuesday we hung out with Gigi and got some park time in for little man.
Then at Wendy's he wanted to buy his Frosty  He shooed me away when I tried to get close.
Happy BIG boy!
That night while I was taking Dylan to TKD Chris added the brick border to one of the front planters.
Wednesday was picture day for sweet girl.
And that night Rylan had his first belt testing.
I'm going to blink and Rylan will be just as big as this guy {which by the way, is a very awesome age!}.
Thursday morning Ry did NOT want to wake up.  He was pooped out!
He requested waffles for breakfast, so I made a huge double batch to freeze for this week. {I am borrowing my mom's square waffle maker so I can make the waffles faster...otherwise it would take me HOURS!}
Story time with Daddy.  Miss Nelson is Missing has quickly become one of Rylan's favorites.
Friday morning was our last day of Run Club until the Spring.  We missed a few days but Payton logged a total of 11.5 miles.
This picture of Payton and her friend Riley at Run Club reminds me SO much of my best friend from 2nd grade.  Becky was always a foot taller than me and we were the best of buds.
It was a gloomy day, but having this guy help me out in the yard, made it sunny.
We had 8 Layer Asian Salad for din-din.
Then headed off to Dylan's belt testing.
Saturday Gigi, the kids and I went to the Country Ham Festival.
And I ended the week by finishing another book!

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