Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween 2016

Happy Creepy Holiday!  I was messaging with a friend and we were talking about how creepy halloween is...going up to strangers doors and asking for candy.  It's bizarre.  I could TOTALLY do without this holiday all together...but the kids love it.
We decided to start a tradition of having Chris' chili and cornbread for dinner.
Ry guy went as Chewbaca.
And he was excited to have face paint.
 Payton was a cowgirl.
And Dylan was an elf {same costume as here} but was being a booger while I was trying to get a photo tonight. He DID take this picture with me though. {smile}
And did you notice, Payton's wearing shorts and I'm wearing a tank top?  It was glorious!  Especially  since Halloween 2 years ago was miserably cold. And check out how LITTLE the kids look just that year! Eek!
I was laughing at Rylan all night.  He was such a spaz, running from house to house.  You would have thought he had downed a Red Bull and Pixie Stix...but he hadn't had any candy at that point!
My friend Darby grabbed Rylan for a photo with her crew and it's such a cute picture!
 Back home, checking out their loot!
Hope you had a great Halloween!

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