Saturday, October 1, 2016

Country Ham Festival 2016

My mom met the kids and I at the Country Ham Festival.  It's my favorite festival that I look forward to every year.  They had bounce houses and slides.
 A rock climbing wall.
 Dylan just wanted to climb up so he could rappel down.
 This was my favorite sequence of photos {taken clockwise}.
Ry guy was SO very patient waiting in line almost 45 minutes
 to go on the bungee jump.
While we waited in line, Gigi took Dylan and Payton to ride the mechanical bull and then Payton to the petting zoo.
It was a beautiful day.  It was cool when the sun hid behind the clouds and warm when it peaked out.
While we were eating lunch, we just happened to get a front row spot to watch the Vanderbilt Life Flight helicopter land.  They had this, fire trucks, and police cars available for kids to climb in and see them.
 They did some sand art.
 And went on a train ride.
So much fun!

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