Saturday, October 22, 2016

Week #42 {2016}

Sunday morning I got to have coffee with my mom and sisters. 
We got ready for church and I put on my new boots.  Payton ran and got on hers so we could be twinsies.  I will be enjoying this moment since teenage years are coming quick and she will NOT want to wear anything like me.
P.S. There's a perk for being short and having small feet...I can {sometimes} buy shoes in the girls section!  These boots were $20 cheaper than the exact same ones in the women's sizes! Woot Woot!
After church we went to lunch at Jack & Jamesons...
It was fantastic as usual.
Me and my girl.
 Monday I finished my favorite book I've read so far this year.  I read it in a little over 2 days.
Tuesday the big kids had dental appointments and Ry was so stoked to go and play in the car at the dentist's office.
After their appointment, I dropped them off at school and Ry and I went down to my parents.  We picked up my mom and went and checked out this cool, new boutique, Bleu 32 in the Square {Downtown Columbia}.
And we wanted to hit up The Faded Farmhouse, but it was closed.  Boo!  They did have some cool fall decor outside so we turned it into a photo op.
Back at my parents, Ry rode his bike all over their yard.  See him way down the hill?  I didn't realize what an incline their yard is and had to walk down to push him back up.  He stayed up by the house after that!
That even back at home for dinner, Ry usually likes to be right up next to me, but tonight he had to sit on my leg while he ate dinner.
Wednesday morning snuggles with my big kiddos.
A Red Robin is opening up close to us and they had a soft opening.  We got to go on a lunch date and eat for free!
Thursday morning, Ry went with us to walk Payton to the bus.  He SO wants to be a big kid and go to school...
but I am enjoying having my last baby home with me.
Thursday some girls in the neighborhood got together to have lunch {at Red 7 - holy moley, can't believe I haven't eaten here sooner! This is Spicy Thai Sauce, Mozarella Cheese, Goat Cheese, Red Onion, Red Bell Pepper.}
Then to Faded Farmhouse & Bleu 32 {yes, twice in one week!}. It was a total fun girls day out.
Friday Chris and I went on a pseudo-date to a work party in Downtown Nashville.  It was fun to get dressed up on a Friday night {since it's usually Family Movie Night at our house!}.  The party was at South Street and they had the most amazing Smokehouse Bleu Cheese Chips {homemade potato chips covered in smoked gouda queso topped with bleu cheese crumbles, crumbled bacon and chives}. I'm still dreaming about how amazing that tasted.
Saturday morning, baby girl lost one of her silver molars...she's hoping the tooth fairy pays her more for that one!
As we were running errands in the afternoon, we ran into Gigi!  It's so much fun having her close where I can run into her like this!

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