Saturday, October 29, 2016

Week #43 {2016}

Sunday G-Funk got ready for church all by himself...and yes, we let him go to church like that!
 Monday Papa and Sasha left for Florida for a few days. Papa was happy to get some goodbye snuggles from Rylan.
 For dinner I made BAT Grilled Cheese good.
 Tuesday morning I left at 4:30am to take my parents to the airport {they are going to California for 9 days!}.  When I got home, Chris had gotten Dylan up and he sat and had some coffee with us.
 That afternoon Ry went quiet and I couldn't find him.  I was searching the house and found him fast asleep in his bed {which he NEVER takes naps!}.  Sweet boy.
 Dinner was Poblano Rigatoni.  So easy and so yummy.
 Wednesday I was chuckling at my shoes by the front door.  I need the boots for walking the kids to the bus {it was 47°} and  flip flops to pick them up in the afternoon {82°}!
 I made a HUGE batch of Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins/Bread for the kids afternoon snack.  I packaged up some to freeze {and throw in their lunches over the next few weeks} and loaves of bread  to have for some girlfriends coming over for coffee in the morning.
 That evening, after dropping Payton off at her cheer/tumble class, I got to go and vote early!
Thursday evening I walked to a friends house and saw this beautiful sunset.
15 minutes later the sky looked like this.  So pretty.
Friday we got to go root on Payton for her Boosterthon/Fun Run.
Rylan loved holding out the hand clapper for everyone running by.
Especially when Payton ran past.
She ran a total of 50 laps!
That evening, Rylan came down with a fever. He fell asleep after dinner.
We woke him to give him a bath and he fell back asleep.  Sweet boy.
While he slept, I finished another great book!
Saturday Payton found a bunch of raspberries on our yellow raspberry bush.  It was actually sweet!  We were pretty excited about that!
Now we can't wait for the berries next year!

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