Saturday, October 8, 2016

Week #40 {2016}

Sunday afternoon, the littles and I got to meet up with Sierra who's my second cousin {at least I THINK that's what she is to me} and my parents in Downtown Franklin.
She's my cousin's daughter and she is going to college here at Belmont.
It was fun catching up,
and eating yummy treats at Kilwins.
That night, I knew Ry was tired, and made him lay down next to me.  He was trying to get up to "go nuggle daddy" and 5 seconds later he was o-u-t out!
 Monday morning, waiting for the bus.
Ry had a busy day at "work" getting after all the loan officers at his office.  Ha!
He's still really into dressing himself, which makes me smile.
 Tuesday morning we got to see this beauty as we were walking to the bus stop.
And then FaceBook's "on this day" got me all teary eyed.  I can't believe what a little guy he was 2 years ago!
 Wednesday he and Papa built a tower.
Then we went and surprised daddy at the office,
We took him brownies and decorations to celebrate his birthday {which is this Saturday}!
And since we were at his office which just happens to be down the block from Trader Joe's, we went there as well. Ry loves the kids carts there.
 Thursday we went down and hung out at Papa Nutt & Gigi's for awhile.
It was so beautiful that we ate lunch on their patio.
And Ry jumped in to clean the dishes.
 Friday was the beginning of Fall Break and it just so happened to be this guy's birthday weekend as well.
So we got ready
and headed to Marcy Jo's for breakfast {yes, we might be addicted!}.
They love their dada!
The tress have begun to change colors and it is stunning.
Then we went and did a little shopping.
That night was the awards ceremony.
And Saturday was Chris' 45th birthday!

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