Saturday, January 16, 2016

Week #2 {2016}

This is turning into a weekly tradition and I love it.  All 3 kids, piling in our bed Sunday mornings...I wouldn't change a thing.
On the way to church we saw diesel gas for -$1.99.  Think they will pay me to take it away???
We went back to the church that we tried out last week.  The kids loved the golf cart that picked us up in the parking lot and dropped us at the front door.
Last week they had given us tickets to have breakfast there and we decided to eat and watch the sermon in the cafeteria.  {By the way, the food was super yummy.}
Walking out of church...those people are my world.
On the way home, we had to fill up our tank.  $1.42 a gallon isn't too shabby!  We talked about when it cost $95 to fill up our truck in California. Yikes!
There was a possible chance of snow in the forecast Sunday night... but the kids were disappointed Monday morning, when the grass wasn't covered in a blanket of white.  BUT it was still stunningly beautiful.  It looked like God sprinkled glitter ALL OVER the place {you can barely see it in this picture}.
Ry played cars.
And then complained as we walked to the bus stop that his face was cold.  Because it WAS cold.
He helped me set the table and worked hard to "wrap" each fork to make it pretty.
This blog post showed up in my feed from FOUR years ago.  I showed Rylan and told him he was in my belly.  He looked at me so sincerely and asked "Did you cry because I wasn't there?".  I love that kid! And can we take a moment to notice how tiny Payton was?  Eek!
I mean look at how much she's grown!  She's a little lady now. {This was taken Tuesday morning, before school.}
Then there's Dylan.  I told him I'd always dreamt of having my very own unicorn...and I got my wish.  {wink!}
This was the beginning of an amazing dinner.
It's regular BBQ Chicken Pizza with Pineapple, Jalapeños, and Bacon crumbled on top!  YUM-O!
The pizza on the right was sans jalapeños for the kids.
Wednesday morning, I gave this cutie a hair cut.
And I really have the BEST neighbors...ever.  One of them showed up with fresh homemade cinnamon rolls, piping hot, straight out of the oven for us.  I know, right?
Then Chris came home from a meeting at McAlister's...and he brought me this.
This picture was perfect for throw back Thursday #tbt.  This is my family, in 1979.  I was 1 year old.
Friday I needed to get some work done and some pipe cleaners and a colander kept Ry busy for a few minutes.
I made Chuy's Chicken Tortilla Soup for dinner.  It is fantastic, even if I do say so myself.
Saturday Chris made and hung some shelves in our powder room.
And then Rylan fell asleep in Chris arms.
We had a hunch he wasn't feeling well, so after 30 minutes or so, I scooped him up and went and laid down with him in our bed....after 2 hours of napping, I had to wake him up.
Not that I minded...I got to snuggle or nuggle as he calls it with little man and got a ton of reading in. Perfect for a chilly Saturday!

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