Thursday, January 21, 2016

Chocolate Chunk Oat Bars {recipe}

Rylan has a cookbook that he has loved for a long long time. {It's the same cookbook that had the Carrot Cake Cookie recipe in it.}  He brings it to me almost every time I'm about to make a dessert.  Since today was the kids 100th day of school, we picked out a treat to make to celebrate.
We made the Chocolate Chunk Oat Bars.
Yes, we were still in our jammies.  It's cold and that's how we roll.
He was a super dooper helper, and was so excited to carry the bars with hot pads on {even though they weren't baked yet} to the oven. {Don't worry, I put it into the oven for him.}
Want the recipe?  {I used chocolate chips instead of chunks.}
And it says it makes 32 bars?!?!?  Nope.  Not even close.   Maybe 32 bites...but not bars. {hee hee!}

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