Saturday, January 30, 2016

Week #4 {2016}

Sunday. This was my view while watching tv.  I love these moments.
The kids made a fort {they actually worked together pretty well!}.
Monday. God painted a beautiful sunrise for us to enjoy.
It was another snow day for school, so some friends came over to play.
I made mini banana bread muffins.
Tuesday morning, Payton walked out sporting this adorable outfit.  Her friend made the headband while they were playing on Monday.
Thursday. When it's 27° at the bus stop, you pile everyone in the car to stay warm.
Baby Girl, hurt her elbow on Monday and was still complaining about it, so I took her to the doctors.
Thankfully it was a bruised nerve and she's going to fine!
One of the houses behind us is going up quickly. Our view will be gone soon, but it was still pretty tonight. I snapped this picture of the roofers working to send to my brother-in-law (he owns a roof in company in California).
Ry has changed the way he's been coloring lately, and I love it.
He also folded all the laundry for me, without being asked.
And took a bunch of pictures of his hard work.
Friday we got to go to Downtown Nashville for a little bit. We love going down there to walk around, listen to the music, stop in to Savannah's Candy {of course}, and be around the hustle and bustle. We grabbed a bite to eat at Hattie B's too!
Saturday. Payton asked "Do I looke like a mini Becca?". Yes, you sure do Baby Girl!
We have such bizarre weather in Nashville. Monday there was snow on the ground and today it was 66° it felt a little like Spring! We got a LOT of outside playing in todayz

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