Friday, January 22, 2016


Last night we found out that school was cancelled because of a Winter Storm coming today...So I was a little disappointed to not wake up to a white winter wonderland.  But by 8am this started falling from the sky:
And out the front door, it looked like this:
Ry walked in like this and said "I'm ready to go in the snow!".
By 9:30 it looked like this.
The kids had a blast.
Not bad for an hour and a half of it snowing .
Then the kids tried to sled down the hill.
Here's the back of our house.
We came in and got hot cocoa to warm up. BTW - they best hot cocoa recipe is found {here}. I won't be buying those little packets anymore!
I went and snuggled up under a heated throw to thaw out and Rylan said he was too hot and took off his shirt. Crazy boy.
At 1pm Chris decided to go shovel
The driveway and Dylan wanted to help.
When I asked Dylan to smile for a pic, Chris threw a shovel full of snow on him. It was hilarious!
A blanket of white snow makes everything so pretty.
My honey and me.
Yes, it was freezing!
Dylan's snow angel.
We collected enough fresh snow to make snow cones. Recipe for the syrup can be found {here}.
They were cold, eating snow, and loving every bit of it!
The boys got hot while they were wrestling {mind you I'm still layered up under a heated throw}.
At 3 o'clock this is how much snow we had. We were 8 hours into it snowing and had 8 more to go!
It was turning out to be a pretty awesome snow day.
The kids went back out to play.
And some neighborhood kids joined in.
Ry LOVED it.
He thought he was one of the big boys.
Then he finally got too cold and wanted to come in.
He defrosted in front of the heater,
while Chris and I enjoyed siping on Carmel Macchiatos and watching the big boys outside.
They went off to go sledding and Dylan came back TWO hours later, frozen and exhausted.
9pm and it's been snowing steadily for 13 hours. 
This was a day full of memory making. Pretty fun for #snowmageddon2016 !

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