Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dear John {book review}

I finished this book {Dear John by Nicholas Sparks} in less than 48 hours.  Betcha can guess how many stars I'm going to give it!  {wink}
Prior to this, I had only read one other of Nicholas Sparks' books, The Notebook, and while I really liked it, I didn't jump on the "read everything by Nicholas Sparks bandwagon".  But then again, I really wasn't into reading all that much anyway.  
Thanks to the cold weather we've been having, staying in cozies and curling up with a book has been on the top of my priority list. Throw in a good book {or 2!} and bam!  I've turned into a person who can read a book in 2 days.  Crazy.
I really can't say much about this book, because I might give something away - but I really enjoyed where the storyline went.  And, I'm sure I will be joining that bandwagon too. {hee hee!}
I give the book 5 stars!

Now to find out if the movie is any good...

Here's the other book I finished so far in 2016:
Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers

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